Having been raised in a family where photography and traveling were part of everyday life, young Luka was no stranger to running around with the camera and playing with film rolls. When he was just nine years of age, one of the many photographs he had taken already became his first published work. He spent his youth taking pictures, but natural curiosity led him to venture beyond pulling the trigger, towards the emerging magic of computers. Notwithstanding his obvious talent, he decided

 to pursue graphic design. Over the next couple of years he strove to combine his two great interests, graphic design and photography, which resulted in numerous successful collaboration projects with movie makers, music artists and magazine editors. And yet, one cannot escape one’s fated love so easily. At a certain point, Luka came to understand that photography was his essential means of expression. His photographs are strong and filled with emotion.

They will never leave the viewer indifferent. Although a photograph may only capture a split moment in time, those taken by Luka contain such narrative power the viewer is each time filled with new impressions, with insight into new stories. Storytelling, namely, is the main element of Luka’s photography. He tries to discover the hidden side of the subject posing in front of the camera, and reveal a whole new identity of the person portrayed through his photos.